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Plastic – an ideal working material

Thanks to the myriad ways they can be used and shaped, plastics are an indispensable part of the present and the future. KETTLER has gained vast experience in this field over decades and developed special plastics formulations from which high-quality furniture is produced in plants right here in Germany!

The particular speciality in plastics processing at KETTLER is two-component injection moulding. This was largely developed by KETTLER and brought to today's level of maturity by a well-known injection moulding machinery manufacturer.

KETTLER uses Kettalux in the seat and back elements, armrests and tabletops for selected garden furniture groups. These elements are made in one production run in a two-component process. An outer layer made of high-grade plastic, forming a hard surface layer, and a plastic core made of processed, solid plastic recycling material (see fig.). This procedure enables the manufacturing of smooth-surface, thin-walled and aesthetically sophisticated leisure furniture.

The polymer surfaces of select lines of furniture and tables with the KETTALUX-PLUS seal of quality are treated with a special type of lacquer. This gives them a higher lustre and makes them easier to clean.