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Precision and quality you can feel

Comfort starts with a good cushion: KETTLER knows this and takes care during the manufacturing of the cushions to ensure body-contoured designs and high-grade materials. This CFC-free foam core retains its shape, yet is still very supple. Wrapped in high-quality fleece, a breathable cushion is created which also holds up extremely well under wear and tear.

The slipcovers are made of refined, easy-to-clean quality fabrics. For the printing of our exclusive designs, we use environmentally-safe dyes that long remain vibrant even when exposed to intense daylight.

The acrylic fibres from dralon® are used in KETTLER's cushion range in 15 designs, which prolongs their lifespan considerably and helps to keep them in shape.
This proven fibre's excellent resistance to weather and light means that the slipcovers and cushions will retain their colours and always remain attractive.
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The TempotestHome® fabrics used by KETTLER are ideal for use outside. Thanks to the spun-dyed acrylic yarn, it is perfectly suited for use outdoors, and the lively colours of the designs offer strong colour-fastness.

Additional advantages of the material are:

  • Oeko-Tex label – environmentally-friendly materials and fabrics, meaning that they are not harmful to health and are particularly hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly
  • high colour-fastness due to spun-dyed acrylic (in this process, the dyes are embedded in the fibres during production before the actual strands are formed)
  • owing to a special impregnation, the fabric is especially resistant to soiling due to stains, grease, etc.
  • simple care and cleaning
  • fungicidal design, impervious to salt and chlorinated water.