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Aluminium - a metal that stands for excellence

Light weight, sturdiness, flexibility, elegance ... The positive properties attributed to aluminium are myriad. What's more, there are numerous ways it gets even better when it is processed. It can be shaped to the desired contours using virtually all traditional methods of craftsmanship, such as sawing, milling, welding, grinding and bending. With this panoply of advantages, aluminium is a metal that is absolutely second to none.

KETTLER takes this "precious" metal and turns it into something even greater: With the treatment of the surface with special powder coating, the aluminium frames not only develop their signature brilliance, they become even easier to clean and extremely resistant to weather conditions. The sum of these properties makes aluminium an outstanding metal for leisure furniture.

Elegant aluminium frames in sloping contours enable the contemporary puristic design, which for example, lends AVANCE its timeless character.
In combination with Twitchell Textilene®, a fabric that is supple yet retains its shape, it creates a unique composition of home decor.

This is where selected materials, superb craftsmanship and charming designs all enter into an aesthetically compelling symbiosis.